Corporate Governance

Why corporate governance?

Companies are required to create a legal and organizational framework for the management level. Corporate governance is therefore part of all corporate management and includes rules-, procedures and also deals with ethical issues and the liability of management bodies.

Corporate governance provides a defined structure that benefits all parties and stakeholder involved in the company and beyond.

Compliance with and observance of regulations contribute to the overriding objective of preventing the violation of applicable legislation and thus averting economic damage as well as damage to the company's reputation.

As an auditing (and consulting) firm, we can support you in complying with the existing internal and external regulations. In the case of deviations, we can make suggestions on how the standards can be achieved.

If you not yet have defined a corporate governance policy, we can compile one for you based on your organizational structure.

Auditing is an integral part of corporate governance. The following corporate governance systems must also be monitored by defined supervisory bodies:

  • Internal control system
  • Risk management system
  • Internal audit system
  • Compliance Management System.

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