How we can help you

We can support you and your management in achieving your company goals, in improving business processes and in protecting the company against loss of assets.

We operate on a professional basis with the latest evaluation and communication technology, together with checklists which are standardized or designed in line with our clients’ requirements (e.g. self-audit checklists).

At all times we can respond flexibly and fast to your wishes and requirements with absolute confidentiality. In addition, we can support you in the development of your own audit units and provide the necessary training to your staff. We work on the principle of implementing audits in a way which is practice-based, systematic and focused on the core of the client's business.

Our system

On the basis of a risk analysis we develop for the client an individual, systematic audit plan (audit universe) with a three-year planning horizon in which all operations are taken into account.

Within the framework of an audit we use (brief) checks on processes to evaluate compliance with internal and external specifications, and verify these findings on the basis of random checks.

Sami Abbas
Managing Director 
Phone: +49 (0) 611 9491-2224
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