Data Protection, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Prevention

Information security is becoming more and more important as companies are increasingly exposed to virtual threats that can generate enormous costs. Our technology-focused approach with the latest advanced tracking systems such as DiT (Detect, Identify and Deliver) provides our customers with accurate, results-driven digital solutions by implementing innovative approaches to protect against threats from external sources, such as social networking site viruses, fiber-optic crime and fraudulent services.

TASCO identifies the various vulnerabilities and quickly delivers mission critical solutions for a better future. The focus here is on a cyber defense system.

Cyber security assessments are carried out on the basis of country-specific requirements including security risk assessments, analysis and recommendations are given for reducing the risks by means of suitable controls managed by the company. TASCO analyzes data security controls to identify weaknesses in access management and design strategies to address gaps, bottlenecks and underutilized resources.

Our services range from program stabilization, vulnerability management, log management, program risk reduction (through implementation of code injections via scripts and proactive alerts), customer engagement workshops to meet basic expectations and SLAs, to strong problem-solving and analytical approaches to cyber security & defense combined with decision making to enable effective solutions that result in high satisfaction and low cost of ownership for our customers. In doing so, the current standards, e.g. GRC, ISO-27001, GDPR, OWASP, Gfx, Non-Gfx, HIPAA, SoX are considered.

Our project management is carried out at the highest level: SCRUM & AGILE methods (JIRA & CONFLUENCE), Microsoft Project Planner (MPP), Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC 10.0/12.0), Risk and Remedy, Fraud Detection Management and Forensic Science. We investigate for you various audit services in the cloud, web services such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Share Point, CISCO, SAP, ORACLE, Salesforce and business-critical financial applications for banks.

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